Types of Tablet Presses


In a recent post, we reviewed the basics of tablet presses, or tablet compression machines, including the following:

  • How tablet presses work
  • Machine and tablet parameters
  • Typical applications
  • Popular manufacturers
  • Key factors required for making tablets

Once you have a firm understanding of the basic parameters and options, your next step is to understand the different types of tablet presses, so you can select the right one for you. Below are the different types of tablet presses.

Single Punch (Single Station)

Some single punch tablet presses are more simple tablet compression machines as they use only one moving punch to form the tablet in the die. These tablet presses are so simple that some can even be hand-operated. You would use a single punch press type if you did not need to produce a high volume of tablets.

Rotary (Multiple Station)

Korsch XL 100 Tablet Press, 10 Station

Rotary tablet presses are more complex with many functions to control the tablet parameters. As the machine rotates, powders flow to achieve the weight / dose parameter. The powder is compressed to achieve the thickness and hardness parameters and then the tablet is ejected. The punches and dies are what change for each different size and shaped tablet. Rotary tablet press speeds range from 100-15,000 tablets per minute.

Searching for the Right Type of Tablet Press

You can search Federal Equipment Company’s inventory for the right type of tablet press for your needs. Try the following searches to start:

Single vs. Multiple Station


By Manufacturer

We focus on reliable tablet presses from the top original equipment manufacturers:

Tableting Equipment

In addition to searching for the right tablet press, browse our inventory of ancillary tableting equipment:

Remember, you can always filter your inventory searches by manufacturer, model, stations, and layers to further refine your search. Start on our Tableting Equipment inventory page and filter to find the machine you need from there.

Contact us with any questions about tablet press machines, and we’ll help you identify what you need.

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