Reduce Costs for Pharmaceutical Autoinjection Devices

autoinject packaging
Auto-inject cartridges on a Bausch+Stroebel filling line

Used equipment has a simple value proposition – save time and save money.  Our customers save time by avoiding long-lead equipment builds.  Our customers save money because used equipment is discounted versus the price of new equipment.  Time and cost savings are central to the value provided by used equipment, but the ultimate value is having the right piece of equipment available at he exact moment when there is market demand.

For example, there are plenty of consumers who want to save money on medications delivered through auto-injectors like epinephrine injection.  Pharmaceutical manufacturers often have the barriers of patent protection when they seek to compete with a given product that has little or no competition.  There are other obstacles including the large capital costs for facilities as well as sourcing, receiving, and qualifying the right manufacturing and packaging equipment to produce the drug.  That process alone can can take many, many months which can make the opportunity less attractive.


To make things more difficult, products delivered by specialized devices like auto-injectors require special packaging equipment to fill the medication into a cartridge that is then handled by that self-administered injection device.  This equipment is generally not waiting on the pharmaceutical production plant’s floor in hopes of a market opportunity.

But there is one waiting at Federal Equipment Company!

We have an unused Bausch + Stroebel Autoinjector Filling Line that has been waiting for the opportunity to make product!


This line consists of the following components:

  • KWM1636 cartridge washer,
  • QTS1245 transverse conveyor,
  • BZV1020 bin and feed unit,
  • LFO9060 laminair flow unit,
  • DHT5764 sterilizing tunnel,
  • KFM12024 cartridge filling and closing unit, and
  • ME8081 tray loader.

The unit was purchased new and had the factory acceptance test (FAT) performed, but it was never installed.  This equipment was built for this exact opportunity.


Federal Equipment Company has been a trusted equipment supplier for 60 years helping manufacturers of branded and generic pharmaceuticals reliably deliver safe and effective products.  View this equipment and thousands more at for all of your pharmaceutical filling line needs.

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Matt Hicks

Chief Operating Officer & Counsel, Federal Equipment Company

Matt Hicks, Chief Operating Officer at Federal Equipment Company, is a pharmaceutical industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience helping companies get the most value and utility out of their manufacturing and process equipment assets.

By Matt Hicks

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