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Until recently, the business buzzword, “disruption” has been more often associated with challenging an established industry standard with a new technology or innovation.1 This definition of disruption considers bold technology moves and new business models that lead to dramatic changes within the impacted industry. However, Webster’s defines disruption as “a break or interruption in the normal course or continuation of some activity, process, etc.”2 At this moment, everyone is considering the traditional, Webster’s version of “disruption” applied to their business.

Here’s what Federal Equipment Company is doing to prepare during this time of disruption:

Federal Equipment Company has taken precautions and continues to operate.

  • Employees who can work remotely are doing so and are still available through regular communication channels – all phone numbers, emails, chat, etc. remain good contact information.
  • Our warehouse, workshop and logistics operations, while practicing social distancing, continue to process inbound inventory as well as outbound deliveries.
  • Techceuticals is available to respond to any solid-dose production questions including defect analysis and troubleshooting.

Capital Equipment Supply Chain

  • We have 1,000’s of items of equipment available for your business, ready for delivery.
  • Procure additional capacity to meet demand for your goods.
  • Source replacements for problem equipment that cause down-time in your facility.
  • Proactively source back-up equipment for critical process, packaging and facility systems.
  • Buy stand-by, electric generators in the event of power failures that could disrupt your production systems.

No travel, no problem.

Parts Supply Chain

  • We keep an inventory of parts related to solid dose manufacturing equipment, primarily tablet presses. If you are trying to source a key part for your tablet press, please contact us to see whether we can find you a suitable, used part for your tablet press.



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Matt Hicks

Chief Operating Officer & Counsel, Federal Equipment Company

Matt Hicks, Chief Operating Officer at Federal Equipment Company, is a pharmaceutical industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience helping companies get the most value and utility out of their manufacturing and process equipment assets.

By Matt Hicks

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