Liquid Capsule Filling Equipment (Video)


Do you need equipment to fill liquids into hard capsules?

Check out this Bosch GKF 1400L Capsule Filler presented by Federal Equipment Company.

Federal Equipment Company offers many different capsule fillers for all types of production ranges – from R&D and bench-top units to high-output production units.

We also offer a wide array of Bosch tooling and change parts as well as capsule checkweighers from many different brands.

Visit for every piece of equipment you need to manufacture and package solid-dose pharmaceuticals, vitamins, or supplements.

About the author

Matt Hicks

Chief Operating Officer & Counsel, Federal Equipment Company

Matt Hicks, Chief Operating Officer at Federal Equipment Company, is a pharmaceutical industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience helping companies get the most value and utility out of their manufacturing and process equipment assets.

By Matt Hicks

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