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Now is the time to consider new sources of equipment for your projects.  If you need new equipment for to grow your business, but want to save money while decreasing the time to market, sourcing second-hand or used equipment has never been a better option.

Industry consolidations, competition for expensive manufacturing space, and excess capacity have all led to a global increase in the inventory and availability of second-hand process and packaging equipment.  There is a wide range of production and packaging equipment currently available to suit manufacturing equipment needs for pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, ingredients, chemicals, as well as foods and beverages.  Many companies are actively reducing redundant manufacturing facilities as part of cost cutting measures.  Most of this equipment is relatively new and is not the result of being obsolete or non-compliant, it was simply redundant capacity or idled equipment.

Product markets can change quickly and make many “new” equipment purchases redundant or unnecessary shortly after start-up.  In many cases, the equipment has only been installed and commissioned.  Even if the equipment is still in the original shipping crate, this equipment is now considered “used” and available for sale at greatly reduced prices over new equipment.

Many companies have discovered that the second-hand equipment market provides readily available equipment to meet different needs.  Equipment that is immediately available cuts lead time for specification, delivery and install allowing for faster product launches, process upgrades, capacity expansions, or critical equipment replacements that can reduce downtime or backorders.  The equipment sourced by Federal Equipment Company was made by the best original equipment manufacturers and often comes with their support and service.  This ready source of reliable equipment allows greater flexibility for market swings or if a critical machine goes down.

When funds are stretched and Capital Expenditure budget approvals are had to come by, facility and support equipment upgrades and replacements may suffer.  This equipment is not used directly in the process of making drug products, but is often just as critical, for example, air compressors, electric stand-by generators, purified water systems and clean-in-place (CIP) skids are all critical to the process but are in the building and support areas of the budget.  Cheaper, available alternatives with trusted names can help meet the overall facility needs.

Trust is important in the equipment business.  Manufacturers should evaluate only reputable sources of supply with a history of serving the market.  They should understand that they are evaluating used equipment, not new equipment.  This equipment may come with some wear and may need some repairs, modifications or upgrades.  All of this is reflected in the price which is a bargain compared to new.

Many more companies are considering used equipment for their manufacturing needs.  The inventory available has never been better.  Start your equipment sourcing at Federal Equipment Company – a trusted name in the process and packaging industry for 60 years.

About the author

Matt Hicks

Chief Operating Officer & Counsel, Federal Equipment Company

Matt Hicks, Chief Operating Officer at Federal Equipment Company, is a pharmaceutical industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience helping companies get the most value and utility out of their manufacturing and process equipment assets.

By Matt Hicks

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