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Restarting a Manufacturing Campus and Revitalizing a Community


This article originally appeared in Pharma’s Almanac September 30, 2020 In 2017, Federal Equipment Company learned that a modern pharmaceutical manufacturing campus located in Huntsville, Alabama, was on the real estate market after its owner, Par Pharmaceuticals, an Endo International company, shut down operations. While our team has purchased entire facilities in the past, liquidated the...

Got Floor Space? – Increase Workspace Efficiency


By JULIE MENO, Strategic Initiatives Manager, FEDERAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY Surplus and idle equipment can lead to decreases in workspace and work efficiencies for a manufacturing site. These surplus items of equipment often get in the way of operations. You can decide to store those unproductive assets out of the way or offsite which has its own separate costs. You can also store them on-site with...

Milling for Tablet Making


Preparing ingredients for tablet making is far more critical than most give it credit.  The main objective in milling is to reduce particle size to within a specific range while minimizing the generation of fines​ (dusty particles).  Particle size distribution (PSD) is essential to flow, compression, ejection, friability, disintegration, dissolution, machine downtime, changeovers, yields, product...

Federal Equipment Company Bolsters Techceuticals Offering


Federal Equipment Company adds new equipment, demonstrations by equipment manufacturers, and expands classroom capacity for “The Manufacturing Process” by Techceuticals, LLC January 2018 highlights at Federal Equipment Company and Techceuticals in Cleveland, Ohio. Federal Equipment Company, an established supplier of pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging equipment, began 2018 with a 20%...

Overall equipment effectiveness


Don’t Miss Adam Covitt’s Manufacturing Chemist Article: Overall equipment effectiveness for oral solid dose sourcing and integration Measuring the operational performance of process equipment has evolved with time, and the methodology to determine overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is gaining in popularity Focused on measuring equipment availability and reliable, as-designed...

Pharmaceutical Grade Liquid Mixing & Packaging Auction


Don’t miss our pharmaceutical grade liquid mixing & packaging auction starting Monday, July 17th – ending on the 20th! The auction includes filling and capping systems, autoclaves, steam generators, and more. Update 7/18/17: Click here to register now and bid today! Update: 7/19/17: Click here to view the Filamatic® Cubitainer® Bag-in-Box Combination Filling & Capping System in action...

Surplus BASF Equipment For Sale


Federal Equipment Company partners with numerous companies to provide used assets from prominent companies, such as BASF Inc. Below are several featured items from Federal Equipment Company’s BASF-supplied inventory. Review Federal Equipment Company’s BASF Assets  15 HP Ross Disperser, S/S, Model PBA-140 Used 15 hp Ross slow speed disperser Model PBA-140 15 hp, 230/460 volt xp motor...

GREAT OPPORTUNITY: Pamasol Aerosol Foam Filling Line


Pamasol Aerosol Foam Filling Line Item # 2620-1 Used Pamasol DHI line, installed brand new in 2011 Has run only 40,000 cans (approximately), then shut down Class 1, Div 2 line; can run 120 cans per minute Current set up: 35mm-45mm diameter x 40mm-60mm can height Product includes: Accumulation Table Pamasol Cleaner and Printer Groninger filler with weight check typ DFK 12001 Pamasol Bottle...

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